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Monday, January 31, 2005

Tomorrow is the big day

Talk about being underprepared... Tomorrow I have a World History exam and a World Religions exam. History will be a 2 hour exam, and Religion will be a 1.5 hour exam. I guarantee you that by the end of it my brain will be fried, toasted, burnt, short circuted, and whatever else you can think of thats bad.

I'm pretty underprepared right now... I've been studying all weekend and I still dont feel confident enough going into this. Maybe its because I keep going back and forth between subjects remembering that I need to know this or that... I'm basically freaking myself out here. One thing's for sure though. I hate Ancient Greece. My god what useless civilization is that.. No offence to any greeks reading this, but seriously have you read up your past? Maybe its just annoying to me because I'm being forced to memorize the greek gods and goddesses, and a bunch of other things I really dont care to know about...

Anyways I better get back to studying... I have half an hour left before I gotta just shut everything and sleep... Ayeee I'll report back tomorrow some time after the exams finish.


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