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Friday, February 04, 2005

Signed Hitler photo for auction? wow... just.. just wow.

Complaints Force Hitler Photo from Auction

LONDON (Reuters) - A signed photo of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was withdrawn from an auction in Britain after complaints of insensitivity from a Jewish group, the auctioneer said Wednesday.

The local Jewish group objected to the timing of the sale, coming only days after world leaders had gathered at Auschwitz on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the death camp to remember the 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

"It's very much an exception withdrawing them. These documents are important historical records," said Richard Westwood-Brookes, historical documents expert at the auctioneers Mullock Madeley in Shropshire, western England.

"I'm not a Nazi sympathizer. Quite the opposite, like many others my father fought against the Nazis," he told Reuters.

The 1940s postcard portrait of Hitler and a signed biography, entitled "Adolf Hitler: His Life so Far" and written in 1932, will still be available for sale privately, Westwood-Brookes added.

He valued the items at between 650 and 1,000 pounds each. ($1,230 to $1,850).

Source: As usual, Yahoo! News


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