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Monday, January 31, 2005

Tomorrow is the big day

Talk about being underprepared... Tomorrow I have a World History exam and a World Religions exam. History will be a 2 hour exam, and Religion will be a 1.5 hour exam. I guarantee you that by the end of it my brain will be fried, toasted, burnt, short circuted, and whatever else you can think of thats bad.

I'm pretty underprepared right now... I've been studying all weekend and I still dont feel confident enough going into this. Maybe its because I keep going back and forth between subjects remembering that I need to know this or that... I'm basically freaking myself out here. One thing's for sure though. I hate Ancient Greece. My god what useless civilization is that.. No offence to any greeks reading this, but seriously have you read up your past? Maybe its just annoying to me because I'm being forced to memorize the greek gods and goddesses, and a bunch of other things I really dont care to know about...

Anyways I better get back to studying... I have half an hour left before I gotta just shut everything and sleep... Ayeee I'll report back tomorrow some time after the exams finish.

If Bill Gates is struggling to concentrate, that means I have hope right?

Doodle Mix-Up Confuses Blair with Bill Gates

LONDON (Reuters) - When a sheet of paper covered in doodles was found on Tony Blair's desk at the Davos World Economic Forum, handwriting experts delighted in analyzing it, concluding the prime minister was stressed and under pressure. Experts who examined the tangle of boxes, circles, loops and notes on debt and trade variously described Blair as "struggling to concentrate" or "not a natural leader" and "stressed and tense."

But there was a problem.

The doodles, it later transpired, were nothing to do with Blair but were the work of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who shared a table with Blair at the summit.

"Somebody from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has said that the notes are from Bill Gates rather than from Tony Blair," a spokesman from Blair's Downing Street office said on Monday.

"We were surprised nobody bothered to ask us about this when the paper was made public last week because the writing is obviously not the prime minister's," he added.

Psychologists and graphologists drafted in by a number of British newspapers even noted how "Blair's" handwriting had changed for the worse since he first won election as British Prime Minister in 1997.

"We look forward to psychologists reassessing their conclusions of how these characteristics ascribed to the Prime Minister equally apply to Mr. Gates," the Downing Street spokesman said.

Source: Yahooooooooooo! News

Harry Potter fans are going a wee bit too far me thinks

Harry Potter fans pay homage at graveside of British soldier in Israel

JERUSALEM (AFP) - Fans of literary boy wizard Harry Potter have been beating a path to the tomb of a 19-year-old British soldier who is buried in a cemetery close to Tel Aviv.

Corporal Harry Potter, a member of the Royal Worcestershire regiment, was killed 66 years ago during fighting in the southern West Bank town of Hebron and was subsequently laid to rest in a cemetery in the town of Ramle.

"Every day tourists and visitors come wanting to see Harry's grave," the cemetery's custodian Ibrahim Huri told the Maariv daily on Tuesday.

"At first I didn't know why they were interested in this grave, but then I was told there were books and movies about him."

The local council has recently added the grave to the official tourist guide.

"There is great interest and curiosity over Harry's grave," Ramle deputy mayor said. "We want to make an historical investigation into the soldier killed in Hebron when he was only 19."

Source: Yahoo! News

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Crazy for you

Company Won't Pull Straightjacketed Bear

SHELBURNE, Vt. - A straightjacketed "Crazy for You" teddy bear has drawn rebukes from the governor, mental health advocates and human rights groups — but it's a hit among shoppers. The $69.95 bear, which is accompanied by commitment papers, is selling well despite complaints that it insults and stigmatizes those with mental illness.

This is a view of the Vermont Teddy Bear's Website showing the Valentine's day bear called 'Crazy for You Bear'. The bear is in a strait jacket with commitment papers and is meant to convey out-of-control love. The executive director of the Vermont chapter of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill says the bear is 'a tasteless use of marketing that stigmatizes persons with mental illness.' (AP Photo)

Vermont Teddy Bear Co. President Elisabeth Robert says the bear is meant as a funny Valentine's Day greeting and has been popular among customers.

"We made a very difficult decision not to withdraw it from the market," she said. "I listened to customers, from a lot of feedback from our employees. These people are Vermonters who really don't like to be told what to do."

Mental health advocates have called for the company to stop selling the bear, calling it "tasteless" and saying it stigmatized the mentally ill. Gov. Jim Douglas called the bear insensitive and inappropriate.

Robert said the company had planned the bear as a one-time offering for Valentine's Day, and that it will continue selling the bear until it is sold out.

She said the company is "truly sorry if we hurt anybody with this bear" but added that freedom of expression was at stake.

She said the bear got "the highest favorability rating" from customers and that she consulted with the Vermont Teddy Bear board of directors and radio stations that advertise the bear before deciding to keep it.

"We're not in a position to be told what we can and cannot sell," she said.

Source: Yahoo! News

Airports showing porn now? Where was Johno?

Airport's porn blunder raises temperatures

January 10 2005 at 08:19PM

New Delhi - Passengers at an Indian airport were shocked when a hardcore porn movie was played on television screens for 20 minutes.

It happened at New Delhi's Indira Gandhi international airport at midnight when the airport was at its busiest.

Passengers were shocked by the sex scenes accompanied by moans and groans which echoed around the terminal.

Officials turned off the TV screens after complaints from passengers but the porn film was broadcast for 20 minutes.

Airport officials later claimed that a TV channel was broadcasting the film as part of an Aids awareness project.

However, airport sources claimed some employees were watching a blue film and accidentally sent it out on the airport's television sets. - Ananova.com

Saturday, January 29, 2005

I wish this would happen over here

Mistake Puts Gas Prices at 18 Cents

By CHUCK BROWN, Associated Press Writer

OMAHA, Neb. - A misplaced decimal point gave drivers a surprisingly good deal on gas, and even inspired some threats of violence at a west Omaha filling station Wednesday night.

Carolyn Folsom, who occasionally helps her brother and father run the self-service, attendant-less Shell station, said she goofed Wednesday afternoon when entering prices into the computer that runs the fuel tanks. A gallon of regular, unleaded gasoline was supposed to cost $1.89 but ended up costing only 18 cents.

"I don't know if my finger missed the nine or what," Folsom said. "The whole family is laughing about this. I will never live this down."

Folsom said about 500 gallons of gas were sold during the several hours the price was down, costing the business about $1000. The station does not have an attendant and the only way to pay is at the pump, so the mistake went unnoticed for hours.

A fuel truck driver who came to deliver gas discovered the problem and tried to block the entrance of the station with his truck, Folsom said.

But by then word was out and the rush for cheap fuel was on.

Folsom said one person threatened to hit the fuel truck driver with a hammer if he didn't stop blocking the entrance.

"That's the thing that upsets me," Folsom said. "I mean, grow up."

Folsom said her father fixed the price about 7:15 p.m. And he's forgiven her for the mistake, she said.

Bahahahah threatening to hit a gas truck man with a hammer... classic.

This is officially a Greater Toronto Area Blog! Woohoo!

Funny links

So I ran into a few funny links and I thought I'd share 'em. First one is a sound file, second one is a comic.

The Toast Song! If you like eating toast, you'll love this song. hahah (Right click and save as...)

Penny Arcade - Bless You. Just a comic strip I found to be really funny. I mean, when Jesus says "We out" its automatically a classic. ;)

New Meaning to Phone Sex

I was reading up on the news today and I found this article to be pretty ... ehem... interesting. Have fun with this one

Gives New Meaning to the term, "phone sex"

NEW YORK (Reuters) - This is one cellphone you might not want to set to "High & Vibrate."

Porn star Jenna Jameson is now hawking her "moan tones."

For $2.50 fans of the ubiquitous porno queen can choose from a variety of moans, grunts and lurid sexual noises all recorded by the blond bombshell.

If that's not enough, Jameson will talk dirty to you when you phones rings, in English or Spanish.

Also available are color pictures of the porn star posing naked that can be displayed on your phone for $2.99.

"Rock stars make music tones, porn stars make moan tones," said Dennis Adamo, head of Wicked Wireless. "We thought it would be an interesting novel approach of introducing new content to the mobile users."

Some people were shocked, but others said they wanted more from the product.

"If you can get her to say my name then I would buy it. I need that kind of personal attention," said New Yorker Julian McCullough.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Alright lets get the party started

Alright so here we go. I'm going to put this account to use. From now on, this blog is officially Raffi's Blog of photos and just anything in general.

On days when I have taken pictures, I will post them.
On days when I find interesting links, articles, news, etc. I will post them here too.

So just keep checking back every so often for updates to this blog. =D