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Friday, February 11, 2005

Homosexual Penguins + Comment system updated

Just when you'd least expect it.... The most idiotic article I have read in months...

A German zoo wants to run tests on a group of penguins suspected to be homosexual. But that’s not sitting well with gay and lesbian groups. They’re afraid officials could push the creatures into turning straight. “All sorts of gay and lesbian associations have been e-mailing and calling in to protest,” said a spokesman for the zoo in the northwestern city of Bremerhaven. The zoo originally thought the animals might be gay after the males attempted to mate with each other, and hatch offspring from rocks. Then there were stories that Swedish penguins would be flown in to see if it was true. When that news broke, the phone calls started. “Nobody here is trying to break-up same sex pairs by force,” the zoo's director Heike Kueck told public broadcaster NDR. “We don't know if the three male pairs are really gay or just got together because of a lack of females.”


In other news, Blogger has updated the comment system to make it more easy for people who do not have a Blogger account to make a comment. (There ya go merz, no more confusion for you)


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