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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Loud music can be addictive

Well I just heard on Edge that loud music can be as addictive as drugs. So I decided to do some research on that topic and I found a bit... Well first off some more info from Edge: Turns out scientists in the UK put kids in three groups of different music genres to test if Mozart and classical music actually does improve your IQ (the mozart effect). So one group listened to classical music, another listened to talk radio, and the last group listened to rock music (oasis, etc) and the results were that the kids that were listening to rock ended up with a 4% higher IQ than the other two groups.. hmm.

So back to the addictive as drugs idea... I found an article from the Ottawa Citizen that states:
"Whether you prefer to blast Mozart, left, or James Hetfield of Metallica, the effects are equally troubling. Loud music addicts can experience hearing loss and symptoms of withdrawal like mood swings, lethargy and depression."

Appearently it does not matter what kind of music it is, as long as its loud. You get so used to listening to loud music that it becomes the "normal" level of volume for you, while for others it can be deafening volume. And then if someone were to completely take that loud music away from you, you'd experience signs of withdrawl. The name of this symptom is called "maladaptive music listening" (MML) and its catagorized under the same catagory of drug abuse.

Also, which type of musician do you think would lose their hearing first? Classical or rock? Turns out the classical musician will go deaf before a rock musician because of the high levels of music that goes on around them for hours on end.

Eeeenteresting, no?


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